New Construction

We have worked with refrigeration and cooling machinery already from 1980´s. We design and install new cooling/ refrigeration machinery and humidification/ drier technology for all type of marine vessels. We have installed new machinery especially for passenger ferry liners, ropax liners and offshore vessels. Our solutions are designed to meet specified capacity requirements and functions with a key idea of high liability and easy maintenance with ship own crew. We have solid project models for new construction. We can offer full turnkey projects including technical design, unit manufacturing, full material supply, installation, commissioning and documentation. 

Refrigeration machinery

We use high quality condensing units and brine chillers targeted to meet specified capacities and safety requirements.

Tested components

Our main principle is to use well known and tested components which are commonly obtainable or reversible in all over main harbors.

Integrated units

We use integrated and compact condensing units for allowing fast installation, easy servicing and optimal space utilization. You can choose a single, dual or multi compressor unit following needs of storing security:

  • Condensing units CUWS series with piston compressors up to 320 kW
  • Condensing units CUWV series with screw compressors up to 500 kW
  • New future series CULS for natural CO2 refrigerant use

Technical space cooling

We deliver well designed space cooling for important technical spaces to ensure liable operations and safe return to port

  • Direct expansion condensing units up to 600 kW connected to fan coolers in space
  • Water chillers CWWS/V series up to 1 200 kW for liquid air coolers
  • Self contained package units CAWC series 5 to 80 kW
  • Taylor made fan coolers as space is strictly limited

Cold Storing

We can deliver wide range of components to cold storage:

  • Fire resistance foam panels designed and constructed to fit on allowed space and specified for demanding marine environment
  • Wide range of fan and static coolers to meet requirements for symmetrical temperatures and correct air flow levels all over cold store area
  • In compliance with USPH regulations as required
  • Electronic temperature control series with connection possibilities to temperature monitoring system or integrated control system

Installation Services

We have professionals for all installation requirements in refrigeration and cold store erection as for background preparation , paneling, pipe installations, insulations , electric installations , automation and safety furnishing.

  • Turn key projecting from dimensioning to commissioning with test reports and sea trials
  • Capacity to make new installation from special service vessels to ferries and cruise ships
  • Capacity to take care of conversions and modernizations during short time docking or on board as required

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