We have specialised for modification projects where only short breaks or even no breaks are allowed. We have solid project models for all type of conversions. Our goals are to keep full usage condition all the time and manage cold systems total lifecycle. Our customers have reached significant savings and lengthened their cold systems life cycle through our conversions projects. 

One example was full replacement in Silja Serenade from old cooling substance R 22 to new R 404 only during normal service docking. This conversion project included total overhouling of condensing units, valve set replacement for 13 cold and freezer rooms as well for 171 refrigerators and counter units. After this full conversion, cold and freezing systems fill in latest environmental requirements and the whole systems lifecycle has become significantly longer. This project took only 12 days.

Projektia conversion project model benefits:

  • Longer lifetime for technical systems
  • No need for docking. All installations can be done while vessel is offshore
  • Meets highest environmental standards
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Solutions is to update later again
  • All inclusive (Project planning, system design, implementation, testing, documentation)

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