Quality marine refrigeration

  New Construction

We have worked with refrigeration and cooling machinery already from 1980´s. We design and install new cooling/ refrigeration machinery and humidification/ drier technology for all type of marine vessels.

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We can offer maintenance or repair service for all marine cooling, refrigeration and humidification/ drier systems.


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We have specialised for modification projects where only short breaks or even no breaks are allowed. We have solid project models for all type of conversions.

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  Marine refrigeration

Projektia has 35 year experience in cold storage systems, cooling systems and humidification/ drier technology. We design and install new machinery as well as maintain, repair or renew old ones. Our goal is to design systems that can be easily maintained and updated.

Projektia provide solutions for refrigeration and cooling undertaking turn key project or part delivery as required.

  • Project planning and technical design
  • Refrigeration and cooling unit manufacturing
  • Cooler and installation material supply
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation

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