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Ferries, ropax, ferry-cruises

Tallink MyStar2022
Wasaline Aurora Bothnia2021
Viking Glory (China)
Tallink Megastar2017
Viking Grace2013
P&O Spirit of France2011
P&O Spirit of Britain2010
Brittany Ferries Armorique2009
Tallink Baltic Queen2009
Viking Line XPRS2008
Tallink Baltic Princess2008
Color Line Superspeed II2008
Color Line Superspeed I2007
Color Line Magic2007
Tallink Star 2007
Tallink Galaxy2006
Color Line Fantasy2004
Tallink Viktoria I2004
Hjaltland 2002
Hrossey 2002
Hamnavoe 2002
Tallink Romantika2002
Ulysses 2002
Superfast IV1997
Superfast III1997
Hamlet 1997
Merikarhu 1997
Stena Voyager1996
Crystal Synphony1995
Stena Explorer1995

Cruise Vessels

SH Diana


Sunstone Sylvia Early


Carnival Cruses Carnival Celebration


SH Vega


Sunstone Ocean Explorer


SH Minerva


Sunstone Ocean Victory


Costa Toscana


Carnival Cruises Mardi Gras


Costa Smeralda


Sunstone Greg Mortimer


Ocean Expeditions Hondius


TUI Mein Shiff 2

TUI Mein Schiff 12018
TUI Mein Schiff 62017
TUI Mein Schiff 52016
TUI Mein Schiff 42015
TUI Mein Schiff 32014
RCCL Allure of the Seas2010
RCCL Oasis of the Seas2009
RCCL Pride of America2005
Birka Paradise 2004
Birka Line2004
RCCL Adventure of the seas2001
RCCL Explorer of the seas2000
RCCL Voyager of the seas1999

Ro-Ro carries, ice going vessels & others

SCF Yevgeniy Primakoviksi Multifunctional Icebreking Platform Standby Vessel 2018
SCF Fedor Ushakov Multifunctional Icebreking Platform Standby Vessel 2017
SCF Stepan Makarov Multifunctional Icebreking Platform Standby Vessel 2017
SCF Gennadiy Nevelskoy Multifunctional Icebreking Platform Standby Vessel 2017
Polaris ice breaker 2016
U707-708 Amphibious boat 2016
U702-706 Amphibious boat 2015
Aleksey Chirikov Ice breaking supply vessel 2013
Vitus Bering Ice breaking Supply vessel 2012
DEA polar supply 6  research 2011
Transtimber  cargo 2007
Transpulp  cargo 2006
Transpaper  cargo 2006
Norilsk Nickel ice breaker 2005
Fesco Sakhalin ice breaker & offshore supply 2004
Crosco platform Labin oil drilling platform 2004
Nordstream  cargo 1999
Norsky  cargo 1999
Estraden  cargo 1998
Botnica ice breaker 1997
Ladoka 18 cargo 1996
Baldisky-110 cargo 1995
Cable Innovator cable layer 1997
Cable Retriever cable layer 1996
Asean Restorer cable layer 1994

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2. Matters Relating to the Register

Our customer service will answer questions and feedback relating to the register as quickly as possible.

3. Name of Register

The register of customer, marketing and newsletter situations.

4. The Purpose of the Handling of Personal Information

The purpose of the handling is to manage the customer relationship, fulfil the rights and obligations of the customer and register holder and the handling of personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Act for purposes relating to web services, research activities, the targeting of the register holder’s and/or its partners’ advertising and/or direct marketing on the basis of customer information, via the register holder’s communication media and services, without submitting personal information to any outside party.

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The register can contain the following information about customers:

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  • Organisation and position

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  • Contact log

6. The Regular Data Sources of the Register

The register is collated from the register holder’s customer information system, publicly available Internet sources and any possible other public sources. As a rule, the sources of addresses are specified if they are other than those listed above.

7. Regular Submission of Information

The register holder will not pass the personal information of customers on to outside parties unless required to do so by the Finnish authorities.

8. Removal of Data

Information can be deleted from the register upon a person’s request or in the event of the ending of the customer relationship.

9. The Principles of Register Protection

Personal information will be kept confidential. The data network and hardware of the register holder and its possible IT partners, in which the register is located, are protected by firewalls and other required technical measures.